August 20, 2019

Meet Ella, a young and passionate horse rider who became a part of our PWP family. She will be sharing with us her equestrian journey. We decided to conduct a little interview with Ella, so everyone would have a chance to get to know her. 

Ella is an instagram blogger with many followers on her platform. Make sure to give her a follow @mybaybea!

1) Hello Ella! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Ella Whatman, I’m a 19 year old equestrian from South East England. I
have been around horses my whole life and I...

July 23, 2019

Summer has finally blessed us with good weather and the forecast for this week is stating that it will get up to 32 degrees! We usually take care of ourselves during hot days by drinking plenty of water and using a lot of sunscreen to avoid getting burned by the sun. However, it’s also very important to take care of the horses during this period. 

A lot of heat could be quite dangerous for the horse as this may lead to dehydration and severe heat stress.It’s really important to check up on the horse whether it’s overheating...

July 17, 2019

Last week six of our team managed to get out and onto a train out of London for a chance to be a part of the Kent County Show. We were honoured to be invited and join our partner Brambledown Farm Shop for this amazing event. 

The weather was extremely nice: it was very sunny and warm from Friday to Sunday. A perfect weather for a perfect day. The set up of the event was done so professionally that we had no issues throughout the days that we were there. A good transport link from the train station to the show ground itself...

May 29, 2019

Summer is just around the corner and while the horses will be out and about for most of the day it's important to keep a fresh and healthy stable setup during the summer months. 

Many may wonder how to take care of the stables during the summer. Our team of experts has prepared a few tips for our customers. If you would like to know how to set up a horse stable with Pure Wood Pellets, please press on the link to read the instructions. We value all of our customs and are always there to guide you through.

  • Take the dirty b...

February 1, 2019

A little manual to our customers on how to use our pellets for horse bedding. Simple and easy. Wood pellets are 3 times faster to muck out than other alternatives. Pure Wood Pellets offer you great quality horse bedding that will absorb 380 % of their weight in moisture.

Pure Wood Pellets vs. Other Wood Pellets

  1. To start, it’s essential to prepare the wood pellets for the stables by pouring 5-6 litres of water (approximately half a bucket) into the bag. This will activate the pellets. We have a video manual that shows how...

January 8, 2019

A daily routine with the perfect bedding!

You might know Lauren Russell from our previous blog posts. Lauren is a skilled rider and has been participating in various competitions with her horse Fantastic. We went through an equestrian daily routine with her.

Every day Fantastic goes out in the field early in the morning whilst Lauren is at work. She says that he exercises six days a week to be in shape for the competitions. His trainings consists of schooling, hacks and a lunge. Through the week Lauren rides after work...

December 10, 2018

When will Pure Wood Pellets be open and dispatching this holiday period?

November 16, 2018

As part of our ongoing coverage of Horse Bedding this winter we’ve conducted an interview with talented rider Lauren Russell, part of Team Pure Wood Pellets

October 17, 2018

This blog post will explain to you why it’s more efficient to start using wood pellets rather than shavings for your horse bedding. Shavings are traditional for horse bedding purposes, but it’s important to outline how much time and money could be saved if a customer shifts from shavings to the new alternative called wood pellets.

If you are thinking to swap your usual horse bedding to wood pellets here are several reasons on why you should definitely do that:

  • Wood pellets are easier to pick up with the shovel to place t...

June 13, 2018

Pure Wood Pellets have a large fan following in the U.K, who appreciate the pellets as being sourced from the finest virgin pine. Many customers are based closer to our warehouses and distributors, but we've noticed as you go further up the country and into Scotland we haven't really been focusing on this area and customers are few and far between. Today we would like to change this with a new approach to how we deliver into the area. 

Current Status of Stockists and Customers in Scotland

We have one great stockist at t...

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