July 17, 2019

Last week six of our team managed to get out and onto a train out of London for a chance to be a part of the Kent County Show. We were honoured to be invited and join our partner Brambledown Farm Shop for this amazing event. 

The weather was extremely nice: it was very sunny and warm from Friday to Sunday. A perfect weather for a perfect day. The set up of the event was done so professionally that we had no issues throughout the days that we were there. A good transport link from the train station to the show ground itself...

February 1, 2019

A little manual to our customers on how to use our pellets for horse bedding. Simple and easy. Wood pellets are 3 times faster to muck out than other alternatives. Pure Wood Pellets offer you great quality horse bedding that will absorb 380 % of their weight in moisture.

Pure Wood Pellets vs. Other Wood Pellets

  1. To start, it’s essential to prepare the wood pellets for the stables by pouring 5-6 litres of water (approximately half a bucket) into the bag. This will activate the pellets. We have a video manual that shows how...

December 10, 2018

When will Pure Wood Pellets be open and dispatching this holiday period?

June 13, 2018

Pure Wood Pellets have a large fan following in the U.K, who appreciate the pellets as being sourced from the finest virgin pine. Many customers are based closer to our warehouses and distributors, but we've noticed as you go further up the country and into Scotland we haven't really been focusing on this area and customers are few and far between. Today we would like to change this with a new approach to how we deliver into the area. 

Current Status of Stockists and Customers in Scotland

We have one great stockist at t...

May 18, 2018

We are proud to announce today that we have begun to sponsor Lauren Russell and her horse Fantastic who make up the team of Fantastic Dressage!

Lauren and Fantastic join our team of riders who represent our brand both in the UK and internationally. Lauren is an amateur dressage rider progressing up the levels with her young KWPN horse Fantastic. 

Lauren will also be posting a monthly video blog to her Youtube channel Fantastic Dressage. It's still a bit early for the first video but we will post it here on the blog once it i...

June 26, 2017

As some of you may know we have been very interested in supporting some established and up and coming Athletes in the UK. Whether you are a recreational rider, or a top tier athlete the sport is quite expensive and every but helps. On the other hand we are also keen to get out the Pure Wood Pellets brand name among the community. We have selected two riders to represent us for 2017. 

Tamsin Addison

Tamsin Addison is a Para equestrian dressage rider and Irish Squad member. Having beaten bone cancer at the age of 21 and become...

February 21, 2017

 Are you wondering what happens once you have made your bed with Pure Wood Pellets?

Many pellets, can change colour, or remain sodden and wet once they are fluffed up. With our pellets we not only fluff up rapidly but it remains a bright and white colour. The beds are so attractive that we have brought in customers who only used to like wood shavings. 

The big secret behind our colour is the raw ingredients. Wood is a natural product, but controlling what you place into the pelleting machine will help to increase the quality...

February 14, 2017

We received some fantastic feedback this past week about the condition our Pure Wood Pellets arrived in and thought we ought to share the difference in our delivery options. 

When you make your order you are automatically given free 3 business day delivery as standard. However you can request for a small vehicle (7.5T Vehicle) if that is more suitable for the delivery. Otherwise it can often come in a large truck or arctic. 

You can also choose to have Next-Day delivery, Morning AM delivery or a set time delivery. These will...

February 9, 2017

We have just completed a back-to-back absorbency test with our Pure Wood Pellets against and local competitor. 

I love doing tests like these to see the huge difference between what looks like quite similar pellets. The competitor has a darker, cappuccino look while ours are whiter and brighter. 

When water is added our bright colour remains while the other becomes moist and soaked. There is a huge difference in the fluffiness of the pellets as well. Here we can see the value for money is a large and important difference. 


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