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These pellets are the highest grade A1 quality from sustainable sources.

Our Pure Wood Pellets are made from 100% all natural pine soft wood with dust twice removed.


Horse Bedding - Pure Wood Pellets absorbs all wetness and moisture and fluffs up nicely in the stables. It has a pleasant pine smell for the stable or animal closure.

When water is added it expands 3x in volume to create a fluffy bedding suitable for horses and other animals. Our wood pellets are produced to the highest quality in Europe, achieving the highest certification, and come from sustainable forestry sources.


Biomass - Pure Wood Pellets have a high calorific value, with mositure < 7% and ash < 0.5%. They are a highly popular fuel to burn in your home pellet stove.


Pure Wood Pellets contain no chemicals, additives or binders.


Please store in dry conditions.




  • Product Info

    From sustainable and renewable sources. We use white wood pellets, sourced from the high quality shavings of wood as it processed. We source our shavings from later in the processing chain, once the bark has already been removed.

    • The UK's #1 White Wood Pellets
    • NO Chemicals

    • NO Additives

    • NO Binders

    • 100% NATURAL PINE WOOD  
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    • 100% Sustainable Sourced Wood

    • Premium Grade Pellets

    • Local, UK Based company

    • Happy to help! Any questions please call 020 3287 3835.
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