An interview with Lauren Russell

As part of our ongoing coverage of Horse Bedding this winter we’ve conducted an interview with a talented rider called Lauren Russell. Lauren is part of Team Pure Wood Pellets and we asked her a few questions on her daily routine and how she came to be using Pure Wood Pellets. Below she shares the pros and cons.

How long have you been doing horse riding for?

I started riding lessons when I was about 4 years old, I have now been riding for 24 years.

What has been your highlight from your last year?

The biggest highlight of this year so far is coming 10th at the Elementary Midway Championships at Hartpury this August.

What competition / event etc. are you looking forward to in the future?

We've recently qualified for the Medium Bronze Area Festival Championships 2019, I am very much looking forward to competing in this next year as we have only started out at this level and its new to both of us, so I feel that we are really progressing now.

What is your horse’s daily routine like?

Fantastic is stabled overnight and goes out in the field during the day all year round. He loves his field time, you can really see his happiness there. He exercises 6 days a week, this is a mixture of schooling, hacking and pole work.

Have you used other horse beddings before e.g. shavings, straw? How did you find them?

Over the years of owning horses I’ve used straw, shavings, and wood pellets. Straw at the time seemed the norm, but one thing I disliked about it was the lingering smell that would attach itself to you. I also never liked the fact the horses always would eat it. I moved over to shavings when my previous horse came down with laminitis and needed to be on box rest, this was before there was really a Wood Pellet market. Shavings are much better than straw when it comes to the smell but they have their downside as well which is your still removing a huge amount of bedding when mucking out, which makes it less cost effective. It was after this I moved over to pellets, having become more and more popular and great for messy horses. With pellets you are really getting your money worth down to saving so much of the bed whilst mucking out. There also really quick and easy to use and it keeps your muck heap down!

Why do you prefer wood pellets over any other type of horse bedding?

What I like about pellets over any other type of bedding it that its quick and easy, very economical, clean and has minimal wastage.

Any recommendations for people who are interested in switching their horse bedding to the wood pellets?

I would recommend choosing quality, as there are so many brands out there with different price range its important to realise the quality of these. With Pure Wood Pellets, the pellets continue to stay white and light coloured and clean and dust free. There’s nothing worse than having a dirty, dark bed!

For more details on Lauren and Fantastic follow her journey here

And for more information on Pure Wood Pellets please visit our website or visit our facebook page.

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