How to use Pure Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding?

A little manual to our customers on how to use our pellets for horse bedding. Simple and easy. Wood pellets are 3 times faster to muck out than other alternatives. Pure Wood Pellets offer you great quality horse bedding that will absorb 380 % of their weight in moisture.

Pure Wood Pellets vs. Other Wood Pellets

  1. To start, it’s essential to prepare the wood pellets for the stables by pouring 5-6 litres of water (approximately half a bucket) into the bag. This will activate the pellets. We have a video manual that shows how to do so. Simply click on the link.

  2. Within 20 minutes the pellets will swell. Place the bedding into the stable. Pellets should appear soft and fluffy, however you may find that some of them are dense.

  3. Using a fork spread the pellets evenly in the stables for nice and cozy horse bedding.

Pure Wood Pellets Stable Setup

Tips from Pure Wood Pellets:

  • Take out wet patches every day. Dirty wood pellets are easy to muck out as they easily separate from the rest of the bedding that has remained clean.

  • Use 1-2 bags per week per horse to refresh the mucked out bedding.

If you have any question do not hesitate to call our office and we will be able to answer your questions! We are always happy to help :-)

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