How To Take Care Of Your Horse During The Summertime

Summer has finally blessed us with good weather and the forecast for this week is stating that it will get up to 32 degrees! We usually take care of ourselves during hot days by drinking plenty of water and using a lot of sunscreen to avoid getting burned by the sun. However, it’s also very important to take care of the horses during this period.

A lot of heat could be quite dangerous for the horse as this may lead to dehydration and severe heat stress.It’s really important to check up on the horse whether it’s overheating as it can become a major problem.

Signs that your horse is experiencing overheating:

1) Heavy rapid breathing 2) Muscle spasms 3) Over sweating 4) Extremely high body temperature 5) Collapse

How to avoid getting your horse getting overheated or deal with heat stroke? Our team has analyzed the issue as it’s really important to be aware, especially during this time of the year. To prevent your horse from overheating:

- Make sure not to expose the horse to hot and humid situations. - Pat your horse with some water and add ice to the water if needed. - Make sure that your horse is drinking plenty of water. - Try to avoid exercises because your horse can overheat doing manual labor/riding/racing. - We do recommend to place your horse in a shady area. - If the weather is too hot, it's a good idea to put the horse into a stable where it will cool down and have a nice rest.

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