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Meet Ella, a young and passionate horse rider who became a part of our PWP family. She will be sharing with us her equestrian journey. We decided to conduct a little interview with Ella, so everyone would have a chance to get to know her. 

Ella is an instagram blogger with many followers on her platform. Make sure to give her a follow @mybaybea!


1) Hello Ella! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Ella Whatman, I’m a 19 year old equestrian from South East England. I
have been around horses my whole life and I have recently bought my first horse, Bea.

2) Tell us about your horse.
Bea is a 12 year old ex-racehorse who I am retraining to event. At the moment, we are
focussing on dressage and showjumping but we are planning to take him to cross
country in the near future!

3) How long have you been horse riding and have you chosen this as your lifestyle?
I was brought up around horses. My mum used to have a horse whilst I was growing up
and this definitely sparked a life long love for horses. I absolutely love horses and the
lifestyle around it, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

4) What is your daily equestrian routine?
On a normal day, I will get up early to turn Bea out so he has as much field time as
possible. I will then get all my jobs done e.g. mucking out, filling hay nets and changing
his water. Bea is a very mucky horse so sometimes I will leave his bed up for the day to
let the floor dry out. In the evening, I will put his bed down, bring him in and ride.

5) What exercises do you usually practice with your horse?
For Bea, its important that he has a varied exercise plan as he loves work but gets bored
if you do the same thing too much! Over a week, I will usually school, lunge, hack, jump
and do some fitness work. I will normally be out competing on a Sunday, so I leave
Saturday free to do whatever I need to do in order to help our performance at the show!

6) You have a really popular instagram! How long have you been using it and what are
your secrets behind building such a big followership?

I have had my current Instagram for just over two years now! I started it to document my
journey with my old loan horse, so when I bought Bea, it turned into an account about
his journey. I don’t think there are really any ‘secrets’ that can make you popular, it’s
more about being kind to others as well as keeping your account interesting and



Let’s talk Horse Bedding

7) How do you set up the horse stable and how long does it take you?
Bea is currently on straw bedding, so usually I like to get muck out straight away to get it
done, then I will top up his hay and give him fresh water. On a good day, this takes me

about an hour and a half. However, Bea is a very dirty horse and straw isn’t very
absorbent, so mucking out often takes over an hour!

8) How often do you clean up the stables?
I clean his stable every day.

9) What types of bedding have you used in the past?

With Bea, he’s always been on straw, as from previous experience with another dirty
horse, straw worked out to be the best. However, a friend of mine has been using your
pellets for about a year now and it’s made such a difference that I have really been
wanting to give them a go!

10) Why do you prefer pure wood pellets over the alternatives?
Pure Wood Pellets just seem to last so much longer than other competitors! I like the
sort of bedding that still looks clean after a week of use. At my yard, there are a number
of people on pellets, but you can definitely tell which ones are pure wood pellets just by
looking at them!

11) What tips would you give to other equestrians? 
Make the most out of every second you have with your horse! For me, switching to pure
wood pellets means I will have so much more time to spend with Bea, which is such an
important thing to me. I think sometimes people forget that in this sport, you have a
partner who give more than you and it's important to cherish every moment with them.

12) What’s the best thing about being involved in Equestrian?
For me, it’s definitely the friends I have made throughout my journey and the impact that
each of them has had. The equestrian community as a whole is so supportive and it’s
amazing to see! The friendship with the biggest impact has of course been Bea, he is so
different to any horse I’ve had in the past and he has taught me so much.
13) What are your plans for the future?
In the future, I’d love to event regularly. I am hoping to do our first event next year,
however being an ex racehorse, I need to work on Bea listening to me when we are
cantering in an open space. We have pretty much cracked this, but he does have his

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