Introducing our Team of Athletes

As some of you may know we have been very interested in supporting some established and up and coming Athletes in the UK. Whether you are a recreational rider, or a top tier athlete the sport is quite expensive and every but helps. On the other hand we are also keen to get out the Pure Wood Pellets brand name among the community. We have selected two riders to represent us for 2017.

Tamsin Addison

Tamsin Addison is a Para equestrian dressage rider and Irish Squad member. Having beaten bone cancer at the age of 21 and become the first person in the world to re grow the humerus bone in her upper arm she is now focused on beating the competition.

Michelle West

Michelle is an amateur dressage rider trying to progress in the competition world with her welsh cob Brevan.

Together they have been providing valuable feedback on the product, and we are pleased to support them to reach there goals.

We will be updating the Team on a new page on our website and including some lovely photos of their horses both in competition and on their Pure Wood Pellets Horse Bedding.

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