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Have you never used Wood Pellets before as Horse Bedding?

Wood Pellets are the 2nd largest and fastest growing category of Horse Bedding in the UK behind Wood Shavings. A little over 5 years ago Wood Pellets for Equestrian Bedding was not even a product offered onto the market.

In just 5 years Wood Pellets now account for 18% of the UK's Equine Bedding and it continues to be the fastest growing animal bedding in the country.

We have created a product for lovers of wood shavings, but with the convenience of Wood Pellets. We strictly control the raw materials to make sure they are only white wood shavings. The pellet which comes out is a beautiful, fluffy, white wood pellet we call Pure Wood Pellets.

If you have never tried us we made this short video to showcase how to setup the bed.

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