What will my horse bedding look like?

Are you wondering what happens once you have made your bed with Pure Wood Pellets?

Many pellets, can change colour, or remain sodden and wet once they are fluffed up. With our pellets we not only fluff up rapidly but it remains a bright and white colour. The beds are so attractive that we have brought in customers who only used to like wood shavings.

The big secret behind our colour is the raw ingredients. Wood is a natural product, but controlling what you place into the pelleting machine will help to increase the quality you receive.

We don't use low quality waste wood, we don't use recycled pallets which can pick up contaminants from what was stored on the pallet. We don't store our materials on the ground. We don't pick-up any mud or sand while transferring the raw materials into the pelleting machines.

This means your horse bed will be a beautiful, white fluffy bed, close to wood shavings and bright in colour, while being incredibly absorbent.

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