Wood Pellets vs Shavings

This blog post will explain to you why it’s more efficient to start using wood pellets rather than shavings for your horse bedding. Shavings are traditional for horse bedding purposes, but it’s important to outline how much time and money could be saved if a customer shifts from shavings to the new alternative called wood pellets.

If you are thinking to swap your usual horse bedding to wood pellets here are several reasons on why you should definitely do that:

  • Wood pellets are easier to pick up with the shovel to place them into stables compared to shavings which tend to drop before you are able to move them in, with wood pellets less wastage will be caused.

  • On average traditional shavings require 3 ½ bale per horse per week based on our customers’ experience. However, once they’ve shifted to wood pellets on average they started to use just one bag per horse per week, which is an obvious saving. This tends to be a fact that with wood pellets less product is used because they absorb more than the traditional shavings and it doesn’t require to take out the wet as often as you would do with shavings.

  • Price comparison Wood Pellets vs Shavings (average):

On average through a variety of different UK Wood Pellet and Wood Shavings suppliers we found that Wood Pellets would cost under £5 per bag for a full pallet while shavings would cost £6.50 per bale for a full pallet.

  • The above fact also means that the experience to place the pellets in and out of the stable is going to be easier and more comfortable in terms of cleaning up the place.

  • Wood pellets remain looking nice and fresh without any bad smell throughout the time, while shavings tend to become discoloured and produce an unpleasant scent.

  • With wood pellets usage the customer has a shorter mucking out time. The customer spends less time to level the pellets as it’s very simply to get them up with the fork because less wet needs to be taken out. Average time on mucking out with shavings will take 25 minutes, when wood pellets will take only 15 minutes.

  • Wood pellets are more heavy than the traditional shavings, so this will be harder for horses to create mess in the stable as they don’t move so easily. Many customers have faced a mess in the morning cause by a messy horse with shavings as their bedding.

  • To follow the fact above, it’s fair to mention that horses remain cleaner after having a rest in stables on the wood pellets. Moreover, no unpleasant smell will stay on a horse, comparing to the mess that can be created by shavings.

  • To get a cheaper rate for the wood pellets, it’s highly recommended to buy them in bulks. As the pellets are heavier and denser/harder than traditional shavings it’s a lot easier to store them.

In the end we would like to say that Pure Wood Pellets have many loyal customers throughout the UK who trust us and choose a good stable bedding for their horses. We want our customers to be happy and we promise to provide an outstanding services and astonishing quality product for everyone!

To find a local stockist please visit www.purewoodpellets.co.uk/stockists

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